Awesome Accessories for Your New Phone

awesome accessories

Lucky enough to have a brand new phone? Smartphones these days are very cool, and there's plenty you can do with your new device. However, phones aren't just stand alone devices any more. You're going to want to kit your mobile out with some cool accessories, right? And we're here with everything you need to know. From the banal to the totally awesome, we've got all the accessory ideas that you could wish for!

The Basics

Eugh, okay, let's deal with the normal stuff first (we'll get into the super awesome in a minute). Protecting your mobile is important. That's a few hundred pounds worth of equipment you've got there, and you don't want it to get damaged. So, first up, you'll need a screen protector. Don't worry, today's protectors are very good. They're thin, and you won't lose any touch sensitivity. Plus, should you drop your phone, they'll help protect against that screen shattering, so go ahead and get one, they're not pricey.

Next, you'll need a case. Aluminium and glass body mobiles are all the rage. They look good, feel good, and they're light too. But they're also pretty delicate, so you'll want to grab a case just in case you drop your device. We're big fans of Otterbox rugged cases, because they'll protect your mobile from just about anything. However, even a simple silicone case is better than nothing, so you don't have to spend a fortune. All protected? Cool, let's get to the good stuff then…

The Headphones

Yes, your phone probably came with some crappy earbuds, and they're fine for occasional use. But if you're a big music fan, you're going to want to invest in something decent. Bluetooth headphones are generally a good bet, letting you listen without being tied to your phone. Perhaps you've already got a favourite brand in mind. If not, we recommend checking out Symphonized NRG for some awesome traditional in-ear cans, and Jaybird for some cool bluetooth ‘phones. Everyone has different tastes, so we really recommend that you head to a high street store and check out demo pairs before purchasing online for cheaper prices…

The Battery

There's two great battery related accessories that we'd really recommend splurging on. One is a decent power pack. Whilst phone batteries are getting better, it's still unlikely that your top end model is going to last all day without a charge, which is where a power pack comes in. You'll need to spend a little cash here (cheaper battery packs tend not to last too long), but it'll be worth it when you need that extra juice. If you're on a budget check out models by Lepow, who make slimline packs that pack a hefty punch. For those that want a little more, look into RAVPower, who make some of the highest power packs and also tend to kit out their packs with extras like USB ports and LEDs.

Secondly, if you're fortunate enough to have a phone equipped with that fancy new wireless charging tech, you really need to buy a few charging pads. Being able to just set your phone down and have it charge without needing to worry about cables is cooler and more convenient than you might think, and charging pads come fairly cheap. It's worth buying a few and scattering them around places where you spend plenty of time…

The VR

Again, top end customers only, but if you've got a phone that's VR capable, you really should be taking advantage of it. Which VR headset you buy depends on the phone you have (your manual should tell you which accessories are compatible), but check out Samsung's offering for the best value for money. Yeah, you're going to be spending a few hundred, but seriously, have you checked out VR yet? It's pretty awesome, especially if you're into gaming or movie watching.

The One You Haven't Thought Of…

Got a high powered new phone? Then you should seriously consider investing in either a Chromecast or an Amazon Echo/Echo Dot. You'll need your smartphone to set up either of these, and with Chromecast you'll need your phone to actually run it. But nothing beats being able to stream that track into decent speakers, or play that movie on the big screen. And with Echo Dots and Chromecasts being well under £100, there's really no excuse not to treat yourself…

The Surprise…

Think your phone can't get any more fun? Then you really need to get yourself a drone. Drones can fly around the neighbourhood (or your home, if they're small), which is pretty fun in and of itself. But they can also film and send the video straight back to your phone. You'll find more uses for this than you'd think. And seriously, having a drone is just cool. Yes, they can get expensive, but for a first time, budget conscious drone flyer, look into devices from Walkera.

The Wearable

Okay, okay, smartwatches haven't exactly been the hit that we all thought they would be. They're expensive, and tend to be a little lacking in functionality (and not always too fashionable either). There are some decent ones, however, like Huawei's model, or the Asus Zenwatch series. But if smartwatches aren't your thing, then consider getting a fitness band instead. Smaller and cheaper, fitness bands let you do all kinds of neat things, from tracking time, distance and heartrate to even streaming music to your bluetooth headphones. For those that are health conscious, a fitness band is an awesome accessory. Fitbit is the brand to check out here.

A great smartphone is, well, great. But it can get greater if you're willing to spend a little extra money on some awesome accessories. From drone flying to better sound quality, kitting out your mobile with some extras will only make that user experience that much better!

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