Most Frequently Asked Questions

I have bad credit, can you help?

If you have poor or bad credit, or you have been refused a mobile phone contract elsewhere, then, fortunately, we can help. Our model means that there are no credit checks involved. All we ask is that you prove you can pay for 12 weeks and once we know you're a safe bet, then the phone is yours.

Do you do any credit checks at all?

We do not undertake any credit checks. If you use No Hassle Mobile and our partners you will never undergo a credit check.

How does this work?

Simple – you chose the phone you'd like to receive in 12 weeks time. We then send you a SIM card (and a starter phone if required) and you start the repayments toward your chosen handset. Once you have proven you can pay over 12 weeks the phone is all yours.

We don't care about your credit history, where you've been, why it's in bad shape or any of that stuff. All we care about is can you pay in full and on time over our 12 week initiation period. If the answers yes then get started and choose your handset today.

Why do I have to wait 12 weeks for a phone?

It's called a compromise. If you want a phone right now, then you are free to apply elsewhere. But the chances are if you're credit rating is screwed then you will be rejected, sending your credit score even further into the mire.

Whilst we'd love to send phones out immediately the harsh reality is there are a number of customers that cannot or simply will not pay on an ongoing monthly basis.

This ruins it for good customers like you as we can no longer operate successfully. We need to weed out these chancers and that means we need to get to you know you a bit first.

Once we know you are a good customer then the phone is delivered straight to your door. Not everyone likes the idea of waiting as it's the age of instant gratification, but the ones that do are rewarded with a top-end smartphone that was otherwise impossible to get.

I have seen a company offering guaranteed phones but they are credit checked, can this be true?

No mobile phone contract that requires a credit check can be guaranteed since it all depends on your particular circumstances. Things like your age, your employment, your income and the price of the smartphone you are looking for – as well as your credit file all impact the chances of approval.

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, just contact your existing network provider and ask for your PAC code. Once you have this please contact the customer service department who will then arrange for your number to be transferred to your new sim.

Can I just pay for 12 weeks up front?

No, we want to see regular payments over 12 weeks to prove you are comfortable with the repayments.

I want to get a regular contract from a high street provider how can I improve my chances of acceptance?

A regular, basic income is something our providers will look to see from any application. This can come from a range of employment types, for example, we can help if you are self-employed, a part-time worker or an agency worker.

Some networks do offer no deposit contract phones, but if you do have a deposit or a part-exchange available, you can use this improve your chances of acceptance.

Even if you have been declined for a mobile phone contract elsewhere (such as from a network, a comparison site or even another bad credit mobile specialist), the good news is that we specialise in bad credit phone deals with no credit checks.

I have CCJ's, defaults and IVA's

If you have a bad credit rating or have existing or resolved County Court Judgements (CCJs), are in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), or have defaulted on a previous finance deal then you have likely found it difficult in the past to get approved for a mobile phone contract.

At, these credit situations aren’t a problem as we do not carry out credit checks. 

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