Improving Sound Quality on Your Mobile

imrpvoe sound

Mobile sound has improved drastically from the tinny, tiny speakers we used to get back in the day. However, not every phone has the kind of great sound quality that you might be looking for. Whether you’re listening to music, making calls, or gaming, you might wish that you had a better aural experience. Fortunately, […]

What You Didn’t Know Your Mobile Could Do


We get it, mobile phones are pretty awesome. It might seem that there’s little that your phone can’t do these days, from TV watching to messaging, game playing to music recognition. You can even have a semi-decent chat with your digital assistant on most new mobiles. But there are some things that your phone can […]

How to Configure Siri for 3rd Party Apps


If you’ve got yourself an iPhone, then you’re probably already acquainted with Siri, Apple’s useful, and occasionally cheeky, digital assistant. For those that are into voice control, Siri can be very convenient. For a long time though, Siri was only any good if you were using Apple’s proprietary apps. However, with iOS 10, that’s changed, […]